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INR Partners with WRC to Empower SMME’S in Grant Writing

Date: 15 June 2022 

Time: 10h00 – 11h30 

Registration link: 


The Water Research Commission (WRC) conducts WRC 101 Workshops as part of its’ strategic plan to promote transformation and redress of water research and development within the sector. As such, the WRC strives to continuously increase the number of Postdoc, PhD and Masters students on its projects and also focuses on providing support to historically disadvantaged institutions through mentorship. Emphasis is further placed on building capacity in the science community both in South Africa and Africa by increasing the number of female and youth project leaders on its funded projects and, with the knowledge generated from the research, aims to promote socio-economic development by providing solutions aimed at reducing poverty and inequality in communities. The purpose of these sessions is to familiarise new and upcoming project leaders across all universities and institutes in South Africa with the process for research proposal submission and related fund and project management issues. 

The objectives of the WRC 101 workshops are as follows: 

To create awareness about WRC funding priorities and budgets. 

To create awareness around the WRC proposal cycle, proposal evaluation and project management processes. 

Assist researchers with knowledge on preparations of proposals that comply with WRC requirements, with tips to improve the chances of success. 

Share knowledge on how to manage the technical, administrative and financial aspects of a WRC project. 

To familiarise prospective proposers with the Business Management System (BMS) which has been operating for over a year as well as the proposal and contract management requirements. 

To encourage researchers to register on the Blue Directory. 


Programme Director: Water Research Commission 

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