Climate Action
& Sustainability

Solving climate and related environmental and development challenges

Climate and environmental change have taken place continuously over billions of years, but it is the magnitude, intensity and unpredictability at which this change is now occurring, and the implications for current and future conditions of ecosystems and people’s livelihoods, that is of concern. Socially-inclusive adaptation, mitigation and resilient action is crucial in responding to this change especially in the context of and post Covid-19 – a pandemic which added another layer in the global vulnerability matrix for countries, people and communities. Climate and environmental change are also increasingly placing and will continue to exert immense pressure on sustainable development hence effective climate action should consider the delicate balance between social, environmental and economic imperatives. The Climate action and Sustainability (CaS) Theme conducts scientific research on these issues, with the aim of influencing policy and the provision of professional and advisory support services.

Research and Services

  • Innovative approaches to developing pathways for effective adaptation, resilience and sustainability action in the context of climate-related and other stresses and shocks
  • Enhancing understanding of trade-offs, co-benefits and synergies between climate adaptation and mitigation measures
  • Supporting policy, awareness, and advocacy action for climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience at national and subnational levels


  • Designing monitoring and impact assessment systems that incorporate socio-economic dimensions of environmental restoration and conservation, to support holistic resilience building in social-ecological systems
  • Climate and environmental modelling and risk assessment
  • Climate change and Covid-19 alike crisis evaluation and lessons

Our Current Projects

The Institute is currently involved in various projects across the country. Please view list below for more information regarding our projects.