Monitoring South Africa’s “Water Towers”: The state of the Southern Drakensberg Strategic Water Source Area

Bushman’s River - Injasuthi

Strategic Water Source Areas (SWSA) are areas that supply a disproportionally high volume of surface runoff relative to the area they occupy. These “Water Towers” cover 8% of South Africa yet provide 50% of South Africa’s water supply. SWSA’s provide a large fraction of the water supplied to South Africa’s economic hubs making them of utmost economic importance. Given the role that SWSA’s have on South Africa’s water and economic security, it is imperative that the state of these areas is monitored and protected. The Institute of Natural Resources (INR) has received funding from the Nedbank Green Trust to develop a monitoring and reporting framework comprising a range of key indicators to understand, monitor and report on the state of the Southern Drakensberg SWSA and to develop an internet dashboard able to share and exchange information regarding the health of our SWSA’s.

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Written By: Nomcebo Myeza