Dr Admire Nyamwanza (PhD Development Policy & Management)
Principal Scientist

Admire is a researcher and academic with over 16 years’ experience of working on cross-cutting social, economic, policy, environmental and institutional issues focused on climate change adaptation, resilience, livelihoods, food and nutrition security, and impact evaluation. He has a PhD in Development Policy and Management from the University of Manchester (UK) and a Masters in Sociology and Social Anthropology. Admire has conducted and led technical and multi-disciplinary research projects in both stable and fragile contexts with primary fieldwork research experience in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique. He has published over 20 scientific articles which include journal articles, book chapters and occasional papers. He has also led the writing of numerous project reports. Admire’s specific skills include the following: project design, project management and implementation, impact evaluation, transdisciplinary mixed-methods research, participatory action research, advanced qualitative data analysis, junior researcher mentoring, and university teaching.