Development of a National Rainwater Harvesting Strategy for South Africa

South Africa is a water scarce country. The recent droughts experienced across the country have brought this realization into focus for many people. Even now, 20% (some 10 million people) of South Africans lack access to adequate water supply and even more are without access to basic sanitation.

Our constitution and National Water Act recognize that everyone has a right to basic water supply and sanitation. Given our water scarcity and challenges in delivering water services, in particular to rural areas, it is necessary to consider all options available to ensure all South Africans have access to sufficient water. One of these options is Rainwater Harvesting (RWH). Rainwater Harvesting in its simplest form is the collection and storage of rainwater for productive use and can be applied in agricultural, household and commercial contexts.

The INR is currently working on the development of the National RWH strategy. A draft strategy has been developed,  and presented to the Department.