Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Establishing community projects such as this peach orchard at Louwsburg SAFSImproving the sustainability of livestock production in communal areasSustainable agricultural development that meets the needs of rural households, while minimising environmental impacts and promotes approaches to commercial agriculture that enhance food security, maximise labour absorption and reduce negative impacts.

The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (SAFS) theme aims to support sustainable agricultural development that optimises the use of available resources and contributes to social and economic stability in South Africa while also contributing to better environmental management. We recognise that such development not only needs to address technical elements related to agriculture but must also be sensitive to the social complexities of the sector.


  • Agricultural development planning and implementation
  • Develop integrated crop and livestock systems
  • Develop and test best practices for climate smart agriculture
  • Research and implementation to improve household food security
  • Rural development and entrepreneurial support
  • Support value adding and value chain development
  • Agricultural strategy development and business plan preparation
  • Resource assessments and planning
  • Research into organic production
  • Develop methods to improve water use efficiency