Livelihoods and Biodiversity

L&B pic2Ecosystems are an interconnectedness of people and the landscape, and landscapes include everything from grasslands, forests, wetlands and rivers woodlands, to agricultural land and human settlements. Ecosystems provide essential services that support livelihoods from multiple dimensions. Biodiversity underpins ecosystem functioning and the generation of benefits from ecosystem services. The condition of these ecosystems is shaped by the communities living in them. The way people use and manage biodiversity and ecosystems is largely driven by the need to sustain their livelihoods, often in the face of poverty. It is therefore essential to understand linkages between livelihoods and the ecosystems that sustain them in order to inform sustainability. An understanding of these dynamics can help to inform approaches to address the twin goals of conservation and enhancing human livelihoods.


  • Integrated Natural Resources Management
  • Biodiversity and natural resource assessments
  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecological assessments
  • Biodiversity and conservation assessment and planning
  • Policy and governance of land resources
  • Geographic Information System mapping and analysis
  • Assessment and management of ecosystem services