Land Resources and Biodiversity

Kilimanjaro_KenyaWhile the INR has undertaken many projects over the years that would fall into this thematic area, it is only recently that Land Resources & Biodiversity has stood on its own. This theme looks at all of those issues related to the management of land and its biodiversity. Issues such as conservation planning, soil management, vegetation cover and the relationship with fire and grazing and even issues related to the protection of individual species. A major interest at the INR is how the management of land relates to climate change and also the management of water and wetlands. Integration of all of these aspects is a strength that the INR has by virtue of embracing the full range of disciplines.


  • Integrated Natural Resources Management
  • Biodiversity and natural resource assessments
  • Terrestrial and aquatic ecological assessments
  • Biodiversity and conservation assessment and planning
  • Policy and governance of land resources
  • Geographic Information System mapping and analysis
  • Assessment and management of ecosystem services