Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Reporting

IEMpic2iempic6iem pic 4This focus area aims to contribute to improved understanding of environmental sustainability and its application towards sustainable development through the holistic approach we adopt to the assessment and reporting services we offer, and the supporting research on which our approach is founded. The achievement of this vision is supported by the following specific objectives:

  • To increase the understanding of sustainability through appropriate research, dissemination and training.
  • To support government, business, and society in the application of environmental sustainability as the guiding approach to policy, planning, decision making and operations.
  • To provide a wide range of services that assist all sectors of society in improving their contribution to environmental sustainability.
  • To be recognised in the sector for a high level of professionalism and ethics.

This emphasis on environmental sustainability contributes to the organisation focus which is “the sustainable and wise use of natural resources”.  Environmental Sustainability Assessment and Reporting is supported in its work by the other thematic areas at the INR which focus on environmental issues such as climate change and vulnerability of people impacted by declining environmental quality. Their work generates improved understanding regarding the complex linkages between the natural, social and economic components of a system and the investigation of aspects which underpin environmental sustainability such as thresholds and targets.


  • Environmental reporting
  • Environmental assessment and management
  • Environmental planning
  • Environmental governance